October 03, 2014
For Immediate Release
Patricia Kakridas
(914) 272-3456
Biennial Emergency Response Exercise to be Conducted at Indian Point

Buchanan – Entergy and its local, county, and state emergency preparedness partners will conduct an emergency response exercise on Tuesday, October 7 at the Indian Point Energy Center and various other locations throughout the Hudson Valley.

The exercise will be observed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, each evaluating the emergency response by the State of New York, the counties of Orange, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester, and Entergy.

FEMA and NRC evaluate emergency response exercises once every other year at each U.S. commercial nuclear power station. Additional information about emergency planning can be found on the following websites:

Entergy: http://www.safesecurevital.org and http://www.yoursafetymattersipec.com

Nuclear Regulatory Commission: http://www.nrc.gov/about-nrc/emerg-preparedness.html

Westchester County: http://keepingsafe.westchestergov.com/indian-point

Rockland County: http://rocklandgov.com/departments/fire-and-emergency/indian-point/

Orange County: http://www.orangecountygov.com/content/1162/975/2095/2091/5401/default.aspx

Putnam County: http://www.putnamcountyny.com/pcbes/oem/4292-2/

New York State Joint Information Center: http://www.nyalert.gov/IP_Home.aspx

Indian Point Energy Center, in Buchanan, N.Y., is home to two operating nuclear power plants, unit 2 and unit 3, which generate approximately 2000 megawatts of electricity for homes, business and public facilities in New York City and Westchester County.

Entergy Corporation is an integrated energy company engaged primarily in electric power production and retail distribution operations. Entergy owns and operates power plants with approximately 30,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity, including more than 10,000 megawatts of nuclear power, making it one of the nation’s leading nuclear generators. Entergy delivers electricity to 2.8 million utility customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Entergy has annual revenues of more than $11 billion and approximately 14,000 employees.

Entergy’s online address is www.entergy.com
Indian Point Energy Center’s online address is www.safesecurevital.com
Twitter: @Indian_Point
Facebook: Facebook.com/IndianPointEnergy