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Values & Ethics

At Entergy, we live and work by a system of shared values intended to guide our interactions with our customers, investors, employees, contractors, and vendors. These values are:

  • Create and Sustain a Safe and Healthy Life
  • Cultivate a Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture
  • Possess a Winning Spirit
  • Focus on Our Customers
  • Grow the Business
  • Be Active Team Players
  • Treat People with Respect
  • Aggressively Look for Better Ways
  • Take Actions to Achieve Results
  • Above All, Act with Integrity.

Our values are very simple. We believe there is only one way to do business: with fairness, honesty, and integrity. These values have helped us earn a worldwide reputation as a responsible and respected corporate citizen.

That reputation has been earned through the actions of thousands of employees every day. But, as is the case with any reputation, it's one that can be tarnished by a single isolated incident. As industrialist Peter Scotese once said, "Integrity is not a 90 percent thing, not a 95 percent thing; either you have it or you don't." At Entergy, as a company and as individuals, we must have integrity if we are to be successful as a business and as human beings.

As part of this value system and to help us achieve this goal of 100 percent integrity, we created Entergy's "Code of Entegrity." We expect every Entergy employee to know and follow the Code, which outlines all of the company's policies and ethical standards.

To ensure that our standards are upheld, we've contracted with an outside company to create a toll-free Ethics Line, 1-888-257-ETHIC (1-888-257-3844) . This provides employees, customers, investors, contractors, and vendors with an anonymous way to report violations of the Code of Entegrity, company policies, or any other laws and regulations. A single call made in good faith could prevent a harmful or dangerous situation from developing.

If you notice any activity that is not in compliance with company values, or policies, or that violates our Code of Entegrity, we ask you to report these activities. Our reputation, and our future, depends on it. All calls to the Ethics Line are handled on a confidential basis and are appropriately investigated.

Entergy did not experience any material breaches of the Code of Entegrity, including anti-corruption and bribery policies, during 2015.

For questions regarding Entergy's shared values, the Ethics Line, or the Code of Entegrity, please contact Entergy's Ethics and Compliance Department by clicking here.