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College FAQ

Q: What is the dress policy at Entergy?
A: Our culture at Entergy is business casual attire.

Q: Does Entergy offer flexible work hours?
A: Yes. Entergy provides employees an option to work an alternate work week, flex-time, or standard work hours.

Q: What is Entergy’s compensation philosophy?
A: Entergy promotes a pay for performance philosophy.

Q: What type of training and development does Entergy provide employees?
A: Entergy offers an array of training and development for employees. Our Employee Development Department is dedicated to coordinating and delivering employee training and development programs.

Q: What is Entergy’s commitment to Diversity?
A: Entergy is committed to a diverse workforce that reflects the diversity in our communities. Please visit our "Diversity and Inclusion" page.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Although we have designated target schools, we accept resumes from all colleges and universities. We encourage you to review our Majors of Study page. To apply, please visit our Job Postings Page. For intern and co-op opportunities, apply to the College-Intern & Co-op job posting. For full time opportunities, apply to the College-Full Time job posting.