Looking Ahead

At Entergy, we are prepared with the tools we need to meet whatever challenges the future holds. Our long-term aspirations, point-of-view-driven business model and experienced employees drive our success.

As a result, we are ready to:

  • Strive to continually deliver top-quartile total shareholder returns.
  • Re-engage with power markets in the future in order to purchase power, and/or acquire new or repowered assets that are efficient and provide lower cost alternatives for our utility customers.
  • Pursue constructive outcomes with our regulatory stakeholders that ensure our customers will have access to clean, affordable and reliable power in the short and long term.
  • Remain committed to operational excellence.
  • Respond to future storms quickly and safely in the same record-setting manner that Entergy employees did in 2008.
  • Execute the spin of our non-utility nuclear assets following receipt of regulatory approvals and when the timing is right to access financial markets, both on reasonable commercial terms.
  • Change direction to seize unexpected opportunities or adapt quickly to changed circumstances to protect our stakeholders.
  • Work with policy makers to establish a smart carbon policy in the United States that includes finding a fix for conventional coal plants, the single largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Even as we enter 2009 with this full slate of ambitions, we recognize there are challenges ahead that will likely complicate our plans. Events have proven time and again that Entergy is resilient. We adapt. No matter the challenges ahead, we will finish the job.