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Proactive Approaches to Adaptation

A large portion of Entergy's customer base and the majority of its utility infrastructure are in the Gulf Coast region, which is experiencing one of the fastest rates of wetland loss in the world, especially along Coastal Louisiana. The first line of defense to prevent further loss involves working with our communities to restore and maintain barrier islands and coastal wetlands that serve as natural protection in severe weather situations.
In 2014, Entergy awarded a $500,000 grant to The Nature Conservancy to support wetland restoration efforts, which can help minimize physical impacts and economic disruption caused by extreme weather. The Gulf Coast Adaptation Study we sponsored with America's WETLAND Foundation identified $50 billion in investments over the next 20 years that will cost-effectively avert $135 billion in losses.
Entergy also is helping connect entrepreneurs with opportunities to restore Louisiana's coast. Building a supply chain for coastal restoration can help increase community resilience in the face of future extreme weather events.
On an ongoing basis, we're working to reduce the impact of extreme weather events through robust emergency response drills, business continuity planning, and focused investments to harden generation, transmission, and distribution assets.



Saving Wetlands: Entergy Helps Restore Chef Menteur Pass - While hurricanes and other factors are wearing away Louisiana's fragile coastal wetlands, Entergy Corporation and Ecosystem Investment Partners are helping build it back.

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Environment2020 provides further direction and improvement over the next 10 years, as outlined in our Integrated Report.

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