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Global Reporting Initiative Index





Management approach to economic performance, market presence, indirect economic impacts, availability & reliability

Fully disclosed

We believe Entergy exists to serve its stakeholders. Our goal is to create sustainable value for our owners, customers, employees and the communities we serve. To do that, we use a deliberate process to develop expectations on the key economic, environmental and social issues that present material opportunities and risks to Entergy or its stakeholders. Our expectations are informed by sophisticated analyses and are dynamically adjusted as internal and external conditions change. Our business strategy is based on our dynamic views on these drivers and has two main dimensions: operational excellence and portfolio management.

2015 Integrated Report, pages 4-7, 40-43


Short- and long-term electricity availability assurance

Fully disclosed

2015 SEC Form 10-K, pages 27-28

2015 Integrated Report, pages 4,5,16,17,18-22


Demand-side management programs

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 26-27


Research and development activity

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 22,27,41,44


Nuclear power decommissioning provisions

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 30,44,54,56,58,59,70

2015 SEC Form 10-K, pages 2,6,7,8,13-14,31,37,42

Economic Performance


Economic value generated, distributed

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 51-60, 65-66

Additionally, Entergy's transparency in matters related to payment to governments and taxation is guided by our tax policy available here.


Financial implications of climate change

Fully disclosed

2015 SEC Form 10-K, pages 293-294

2015 Integrated Report, pages 42,44,47

2015 Carbon Disclosure Project Water Report

Entergy's position on climate change


Defined employee benefit plan obligations

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 36-37

EC4 Significant financial assistance received from the government  Not disclosed - Tax benefits Entergy does not track tax benefits across its different business units.

Market Presence


Entry level wages

Fully disclosed

Our lowest wage paid to a regular fulltime employee in 2015 was $12.02 per hour. Federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.


Local hiring for senior management

Not disclosed - Proportion of senior management hired from local communities

Hiring and promotion policies at Entergy are based on skills and qualifications, not whether a job candidate is from a particular locality.

Indirect Economic Impacts


Investments for public benefit

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 4-6, 18-21, 64


Local spending for supplies 

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 18-21

Availability & Reliability


Planned capacity and projected demand

Fully disclosed

2015 SEC Form 10-K, EWC page 39-40; Utility page 25-27, 243

Morgan Stanley Investor's Conference, March 5 2015      

EU11 Average generation efficiency of thermal plants by energy source and regulatory regime Fully disclosed

Heat rates for gas and coal units by regulatory body. Based on 2015 generation and fuel consumption data.


Transmission and distribution losses      Fully disclosed Transmission energy losses are determined by performing transmission load-flow simulations using the PSS/E model. Distribution energy losses are calculated via the simplified calculation of loss equations model developed by the Electric Power Research Institute. Transmission losses are approximately 1.7 percent, and distribution losses are approximately 5.8 percent.