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Global Reporting Initiative Index





Management approach to materials, energy, water, biodiversity, emissions, effluents, waste, products and services, compliance, transport

Fully disclosed

We are committed to operating our business in a way that meets or exceeds environmental requirements and minimizes environmental impact of our operations. We set goals that reflect continuous improvement and publicly report our environmental performance using best-practice reporting guidelines.

2015 Integrated Report, pages 21, 24, 42



Weight, volume of materials used

Fully disclosed

Most high volume materials are purchased by length, reel, pole, transformer, case, truckload or other measure with no consistent relationship to weight or volume. 


Recycled content materials

Partially disclosed - Not reported as a percentage of materials 

Entergy's procurement practices support use of recycled materials where feasible and consistent with best industry practices including steel, aluminum, other metals, plastics and paper that may come from recycled sources. It is not possible to precisely calculate percentage of materials we use that come from recycled sources.  Entergy reduces waste by repurposing unused or obsolete material such as scrap wire and metal that is recycled, on-road and off-road vehicles and trailers sold through auctions, and miscellaneous stored materials deemed obsolete such as pumps, valves, electronic parts, office equipment, and more through investment recovery sales. In 2015, these sales totaled $11 million.

2015 Integrated Report, page 35


EN3 Direct energy consumption Fully disclosed

2015 SEC 10-K, Utility Fuel Supply page 247 

Fossil fuels consumed in 2015 in the generation of electricity (in gigawatt-hours) are: Oil/ Gas Steam .5165 GWh;  natural gas combined cycle 26,777 GWh; sub bituminous coal 7,178 GWh.


Indirect energy consumption

Fully disclosed

5,750 GWh of indirect electricity was used in 2013.


Energy saved due to conservation, energy efficiency

Fully disclosed

Customer-focused conservation and energy efficiency measures are featured in 2015 Integrated Report, pages 19, 25, 26, 41


Energy efficiency products, renewable energy

Fully disclosed

Entergy tracks energy savings as a result of these efforts and reports Scope 3 Emission savings at Carbon Disclosure Project - 2015, page 25


Indirect energy reduction

Fully disclosed

Flexible work policies (9/80), use of teleconferences and energy efficiency practices in our office buildings are some of the ways that we reduce indirect energy consumption; select categories including business travel, employee commuting, and energy efficiency and demand side management investments are included in CDP Section CC 14 scope 3 emission inventory. Carbon Disclosure Project - 2015



Water withdrawal

Fully disclosed

Carbon Disclosure Project - Water - 2015, section W5

2015 Integrated Report pages 42, 69


Water sources, habitats affected by withdrawal

Fully disclosed

Entergy operates only one generating site in a water stressed area, the Lewis Creek Plant

2015 Carbon Disclosure Project section W2.6


Water recycled, reused

Fully disclosed

Carbon Disclosure Project - Water - 2015, section W5



Location, size of high biodiversity land

Not disclosed - Location and size of land owned, leased, managed in, or adjacent to, protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value outside protected areas

This information is tracked at the site and facility-level per regulatory requirements.

2015 Integrated Report, pages 21, 24


Significant impacts on protected areas

Fully disclosed

Equipment and structures used for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity can pose risks to avian species.  Entergy has developed an Avian and Wildlife Protection Standard and Avian Protection Plan to address this risk.  Biodiversity and avian protection are also discussed in 2015 Integrated Report, page 21


Habitats protected or restored as already provided

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, page 21


Programs to manage biodiversity

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, page 21

Emissions, Effluents, Waste


Greenhouse gas emissions, direct and indirect

Fully disclosed The inventory, reporting document, and verification letter from ICF International are available at Entergy's Environmental Performance, the American Carbon Registry, Carbon Disclosure Project - 2015, pages 130-137.


Greenhouse gas intensity

Fully disclosed Carbon Disclosure Project - 2015, Section CC12.2


Initiatives to reduce GHG emissions

Fully disclosed

Carbon Disclosure Project - 2015, pages 17-29, "Targets & Initiatives"  


Ozone depleting emissions

Fully disclosed

Entergy uses licensed contractors to recover ozone-depleting substances from its various equipment and operations.  This information currently is tracked at the site level and is not consolidated/reported at the corporate level.

Ozone depleting emissions, 2015 GHG Inventory


NOx, SO2, & other significant air emissions

Fully disclosed

2011-2015 Performance Data Table

2015 Benchmarking Air Emissions of 100 largest generators


Water discharge

Fully disclosed

CDP Water - 2015, page 46-50, "Water Accounting"


Waste by type, disposal method

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, page 35


Significant spills

Fully disclosed

Information on Entergy's 2015 spills reported to the National Response Center can be reviewed online. DISCLAIMER: Entergy cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided by third parties. This website is maintained by the National Response Center, not Entergy.


Hazardous waste

Not disclosed - Weight and percentage of described waste

None of Entergy's hazardous waste is transported internationally. See 2011-2015 Performance Data Table and discussion of waste reduction efforts in 2015 Integrated Report, page 35.


Water discharge impacts

Fully disclosed

CDP Water - 2015, pages 9-44, "Water Risks" and pages 50-53, "Governance & Strategy"

Products & Services


Environmental impact mitigation

Fully disclosed

2011-2015 Performance Data Table


Recycled products

Not disclosed - Percentage of products sold and their packaging materials that are reclaimed by category

Electricity and natural gas are the only products sold by Entergy; therefore, there is no packaging material reclamation.



Environmental non-compliance incidences, fines

Fully disclosed

Entergy reports on agency actions that result in fines or on material agency actions (with or without fines), disclosed in Entergy's SEC Form 10-K. During 2012, Entergy paid $1,567,350 in fines including the settlement regarding Indian Point's 2010 transformer failure, agreed to in 2012 and explained in detail in our 2011 Sustainability Report and 2012 Sustainability Report, pages 61-62. Information is updated annually at entergy.com.

2011-2015 Performance Data Table



Impacts of transportation

Fully disclosed

Entergy's products (electricity and gas) are transported via transmission/distribution wires or pipelines, not by vehicles. However, Entergy uses vehicles to conduct operation and maintenance activities on all of its assets. Entergy includes this fleet of vehicles in its annual GHG inventory, and estimates these GHG emissions are approximately 53,000 metric tons (all gases).



Environmental protection expenditures

Fully disclosed

Entergy has invested more than $19.9 million since 2005 to significantly reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from owned plants. Material environmental expenditures are disclosed in the company's SEC filings. The company also invests in environmental protection with its Environmental Initiatives Fund, which has invested more than $34 million in internal efficiency improvements, high-quality carbon offset projects and wetland restoration projects throughout the areas in which we operate. In addition, Entergy invested $1,358,600 in philanthropic donations to environmental organizations in 2015.