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Management approach to customer health & safety, product & service labeling, marketing communications, customer privacy, compliance, access

Fully disclosed

Reliable, affordable power is essential to the residential, business and utility-company customers who count on us every minute, every day. Our management approach includes operational safety systems and programs, strategic portfolio management, price risk management, constructive regulatory processes and other procedures to support effective, efficient operations and customer experience. We also offer extensive public safety communication related to electricity, natural gas and nuclear generation.

2015 Integrated Report, pages 40-45

EU20 Approach to managing the impacts of displacement Fully disclosed Entergy works closely with local stakeholders on emergency management plans which include actions related to potential displacement of local residents. For example, each nuclear generating station provides public information about the steps to take during a nuclear event which requires evacuation. See example here: http://www.safesecurevital.com/emergency-preparedness/in-case-of-emergency.html Additionally, construction projects consider the potential impact to local residents, and plans are widely communicated to key audiences. See example of a communication tool here:  http://entergyneworleans.com/powertogrow/docs/transmission/procedure.pdf


Programs to maintain electric service access

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 18-22


Practices to address language, disability, other barriers to electric service access

Fully disclosed

Entergy's utility operating companies have numerous programs to assist elderly and mentally and physically challenged customers described in this example from our website: Protected customer registration.

In addition, Entergy provides certain customer information in languages other than English and works with emergency response organizations to provide certain public information related to nuclear safety in other languages such as these examples: Customer information in Spanish and Nuclear safety in Spanish. Extensive efforts also help to overcome barriers to electric service stemming from poverty.

2015 Integrated Report, pages 25-28

EU26 Percentage of population unserved in licensed distribution or service areas Not disclosed -- Entergy does not track percentage of unserved population Entergy does not track percentage of unserved population.

Customer Health & Safety


Safety assessment and improvement

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 32-33


Product & Service Labeling


Product information labeling

Fully disclosed

Electric and natural gas service are not labeled. We provide extensive electric and natural gas safety information at Energy safety and through bill inserts and advertising.


Product labeling non-compliance incidences

Fully disclosed

None, as our products are electric and natural gas service, for which product labeling is not applicable.


Customer satisfaction practices

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, pages 25-28

Marketing Communications


Marketing regulation compliance

Fully disclosed

Our marketing communications are consistent with all known laws and standards. We work closely with our trade associations, such as Edison Electric Institute and Nuclear Energy Institute, to promote transparent and accurate information about the benefits of electric power. We also publish Energy Education and Electricity 101 on our website. 


Marketing and communications non-compliance incidences

Fully disclosed


Customer Privacy


Customer privacy breaches

Fully disclosed

Entergy maintains administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to protect the personal information against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.

PR9 Monetary value of significant fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations concerning the provision and use of products and services Fully disclosed

Environmental fines info is available at the National Response Center website at http://www.nrc.uscg.mil/ and reported in our performance data table at http://www.entergy.com/content/sustainability/performance_data_table.pdf

Additional information can be found in our 2015 SEC Form 10-K pages 260,287,292,297



Power outage frequency

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, page 62


Power outage duration

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, page 62


Plant availability factor

Fully disclosed

2015 Integrated Report, page 63