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Management approach to employment, labor/management relations, occupational health and safety, training and education, diversity and equal opportunity 

Fully disclosed

Entergy is an Equal Opportunity Employer and promotes training, mentoring and support for lifelong professional and personal growth, encouraging each employee to achieve as much success as their talents and initiative will allow. Our Code of Entegrity outlines our policy to extend beyond what the law requires in maintaining an a work environment that is inclusive and respects the dignity and worth of each individual. Entergy offers a comprehensive benefits program built on a foundation of wellness and involving employees in a commitment to continuous improvement and personal ownership of health and safety programs.

Compensation and Benefits overview

EU14 Programs to ensure a skilled work force Fully disclosed

2014 Integrated Report, pages 6-7, 43-45


Employees retirement eligible

Fully disclosed

Entergy's pension plans specify minimum age 55 and 10 years of service for early retirement. The percentage of Entergy employees eligible for retirement in the next five years is 42.85 percent.

EU16 Health and safety policies Fully disclosed

In 2014, we identified leadership practices and employee practices -- behaviors that define engaged, successful organizations -- and rolled them out across the company. Extensive sessions were held by executives with employees at all levels of the organization to explore ideas and suggestions on how to include the practices in daily work.

2014 Integrated Report, pages 42-43


Days worked by contractor and subcontractor employees involved in construction, operation and maintenance activities

Fully disclosed

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LA1 Work force composition Partially disclosed - reported by age, ethnicity and gender

2014 Integrated Report, pages 44, 50

LA2 Employee turnover Partially disclosed - reported by voluntary total turnover

2014 Integrated Report, pages 44

2011-2015 Performance Data Table


Contractor health and safety training

Fully disclosed

Safety is a priority at Entergy, and we require that contractors receive safety training commensurate with their job responsibilities by their own employers or through Entergy programs.

2014 Integrated Report, pages 20-21, 43


Full-time benefits

Fully disclosed

Entergy offers a competitive total rewards package of compensation and benefits, and pays for performance through incentive plans and merit pay increases.

Compensation and Benefits overview

 2014 Integrated Report, page 45


Post-parental leave rates

Fully disclosed

Entergy complies with all federal laws regarding parental leave rights. In 2014 we have a 100 day return rate of 76.2%  for all employees on short-term disability, under which our maternal leave is classified.

Labor/Management Relations


Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements

Fully disclosed

Approximately 36.3 percent of Entergy's workforce is represented by labor unions.

LA5 Minimum notice requirements Fully disclosed

We comply with applicable laws and collective bargaining agreements.

Occupation Health & Safety

LA6 Work force included in health and safety committees Partially disclosed - Percentage of total workforce represented

Entergy includes employee representation on safety committees as well as employee wellness coordinators across the company in all major business units.

LA7 Employee injury, illness rate Partially disclosed - Rates of injury, lost days, and number of work-related fatalities not by region or gender. Rates of occupational diseases and absenteeism not reported.

2014 Integrated Report, pages 43

2011-2015 Performance Data Table

LA8 Education, counseling, prevention programs Fully disclosed

2014 Integrated Report, pages 43

LA9 Health and safety topics in formal labor agreements Fully disclosed Among the health and safety topics addressed in Entergy collective bargaining agreements are personal protective equipment, joint health and safety committees, and training and education.

Training & Education


Training hours

Fully disclosed

Included in Entergy's training programs are 91,000 courses of study. In 2014, Entergy's 13,393 employees completed approximately 1,300,000 courses, both classroom and computer-based. This results in an average of 97 hours of training per year per employee.


Lifelong learning

Fully disclosed

Entergy invests in an employee development program that encourages employees to create career plans for accomplishing their goals through continuing education, specialized training, cross-training opportunities and special team projects.

2014 Integrated Report, pages 43-44


Performance reviews

Fully disclosed

All non-bargaining employees receive a review of their skills and performance relative to individual goals at mid-year in addition to an annual assessment of performance at the conclusion of the calendar year.

2014 Integrated Report, page 45

Diversity & Equal Opportunity


Employee diversity

Fully disclosed

Entergy promotes an inclusive work environment through more than 28 diversity and inclusion councils and employee-initiated employee resource groups.

2014 Integrated Report, page 45

LA14 Remuneration by gender Fully disclosed

Entergy complies with all state, federal and local laws, regulations and ordinances prohibiting discrimination in our workplace, including gender-based wage or compensation inequities.