Ten years of historically low rates for our customers.

Everyone at Entergy Mississippi takes great pride in providing affordable power to our customers. Recently, we reached a very meaningful milestone:

10 consecutive years of rates below the state and national average.

These low rates not only lower customer bills, they particularly help low-income families and give our state an edge in recruiting new industry and jobs to Mississippi.

That is a reason to celebrate, and we extend our thanks to the employees and policymakers who helped make it happen.

What does this really mean for our customers?

While customer usage is still the biggest driver in a customer bill, a utility's rates determine how much each customer pays for what they use. If an Entergy Mississippi residential customer used 1200 kWh in a month, their bill would be about $118. For Mississippians outside our service territory, that same bill would total $138. And for the average U.S. customer, the same usage would cost almost $155.

Who is responsible for Entergy Mississippi's low rates?

From your local lineman to operators in our power plants, our employees are committed to keeping costs down. Additionally, Mississippi's governor, legislature, public service commission and public utilities staff, have made sound policy decisions to help keep energy affordable.

How much cheaper are Entergy Mississippi's rates?

In 2016, Entergy Mississippi had the second lowest rates of all investor-owned utilities in the U.S. Currently, our average residential rates are about 24% below the U.S. average. In fact, our recent rates are comparable to our 2005 rates while the recent U.S. average rate is roughly 37% higher than it was in 2005.

How has Entergy Mississippi kept rates low?

Entergy Mississippi employees have consistently made decisions to benefit our customers.

  • Investing in highly-efficient, low-cost natural gas power plants.
  • Maintaining a diverse mix of fuel sources.
  • Joining a regional transmission organization that has saved customers $207 million in five years ($500 per customer on average).
  • Streamlining operations and implementing new cost-efficient technologies.

How is Entergy Mississippi trying to keep rates low for the long term?

To keep power bills low, we are investing in new technologies, improving infrastructure, increasing reliability and giving customers more control over their energy use. The men and women of Entergy Mississippi are committed to a bright future -- and delivering safe, reliable and affordable power for years to come.