Technology for Tomorrow

Advanced meters. Smarter future.

Entergy Texas is committed to continuous improvement of its systems and services and using new technology to build a smarter grid. The first step toward modernizing and building a smarter energy future for our customers is transitioning to an advanced metering system. This new meter technology will allow two-way communication between us and our customers.

With advanced metering, customers will get more tools and better information to help understand and manage their energy use more effectively. This insight can help them reduce energy use and lower bills. We'll also be able to identify outages more accurately, so crews can make repairs and restore electricity faster. Having near real-time information on energy usage allows us to better answer billing and service questions more quickly.

Upgrading to advanced metering in Texas will offer our customers the following important benefits:

  • More accurate outage information to help restore power faster.
  • Stronger and smarter localized electrical infrastructure to help improve community resiliency.
  • More detailed usage information to help customers better understand and manage their energy use.
  • Improved customer service through expanded energy use data to help resolve billing issues more effectively.

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