Katrina @10
Entergy has invested $37 million since Hurricane Katrina. Learn more: The Power of Hope Fund 
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Greening our city by creating 100 miles of bike lanes and walkways

Before Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had fewer than 11 miles of bike lanes. Entergy’s commitment to creating a cleaner, greener city post-Katrina led to a unique public-private partnership that has created almost 100 miles of bike lanes and pedestrian pathways and helped the city become number 5 in the nation for bicycle commuting. Post Katrina, the city benefited from millions in federal funding to rebuild city streets. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the city to include pedestrian walk ways and bike lanes. But the federal funding was restricted the capital construction and the city lacked the funds to hire an urban bike/pedestrian infrastructure engineer. Entergy’s grant to the Louisiana Public Health Institute helped fund the salary and benefits for an engineer to design and implement almost 100 miles of bike lanes and walkways. In addition, the project has helped to leverage more than $36 million in additional funding to expand bikeways and walkways.

Entergy also partnered with Nike Corporation to create the Entergy Solar Schools Initiative. Through the project 25 kW solar panels were installed at Warren Easton, The International School, New Orleans Math and Sci High, Craig Elementary and Akili Academy. The solar demonstration projects help to offset the schools’ energy costs while providing hands-on learning about renewable energy and the importance of conservation.