Southeast Texas is a region on the rise. Over the past several decades, billions of dollars in new investment and continuous job growth have powered the area, and we’re projected to grow by even more in the next several years.

But while our region is growing, our infrastructure is aging. Without action, we estimate the region will face a shortfall of 700 megawatts in just a few years. To add perspective,  one megawatt can power 200 homes. By 2022, that figure jumps to 1.2 gigawatts. By taking responsible action now, customers will have reliable, predictable, and affordable energy for years to come. This means keeping costs low and protecting customers against major swings in their electric bills.

The Montgomery County Power Station at the existing Lewis Creek site near Willis, Texas will bring nearly one gigawatt of reliable and clean electricity to southeast Texas. The power plant will allow Entergy Texas to better serve the region by creating a new and stable and reliable supply of electricity for to support economic growth now and in the future.