Non-hired NRSRO – Securities Exchange Commission Rule 240.17g-5

In accordance with Securities Exchange Commission Rule 240.17g-5 (“Rule 17g-5”), Entergy Arkansas Restoration Funding, LLC (the “Issuer”) has made the information described in paragraphs (a)(3)(iii)(C) and (D) of Rule 17g-5 available at an identified password-protected Internet website (Intralinks).

Please follow the instructions below to access the Issuer’s  password-protected Internet website (Intralinks) where the transaction information is available.


  1. Click on NON-HIRED NRSRO INFORMATION ACCESS REQUEST FORM below, complete the fields of the NON-HIRED NRSRO INFORMATION ACCESS REQUEST FORM, and then email to and
  2. Together with your request form, please submit to and your non-hired NRSRO's Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) certificate as well as proof evidencing your SEC certificate was submitted to the SEC.
  3. If you do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours of submitting the form, please resubmit your information to and and/or call (843) 513-6119 or (504) 576-4361.
  4. In order to access the transaction information located on the Intralinks website you will be required to agree to the Click Through Access and Confidentiality Agreement.
  5. If you need your Intralinks password reset or otherwise need assistance with Intralinks, please contact 1-888-546-5383.

Click here for Non-Hired NRSRO Information Access Request Form.


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