These guidelines are periodically revised and replace all older versions. Click on the links below for the latest versions.

The annual deadline for new permit applications is November 30. There is no guarantee that an application submitted by 11/30 will be issued in time to construct during the annual drawdown. Permitted are reviewed in order of date submitted so the earlier you apply the better. Applications submitted after the annual deadline will be worked following the completion of the lake refill.

Dock Templates

General Information

  • When are Permits Required (85.45 KB)
  • Shoreline Contractors Directory (20 KB)
    • List of Shoreline Contractors that have successfully completed training on understanding the Shoreline Facility Guidelines as provided by Entergy Arkansas, LLC
    • Entergy does not recommend any of these contractors and you are not required to use one of the contractors from this list. This list is being provided to assist individuals that are unfamiliar with contracts from our area that should be knowledgeable with the rules of working on Entergy Property
  • When contacting Entergy Shoreline Management ALWAYS include your lake address or RPID if you do not have an address yet in all communications (phone, email, etc.)

Guideline Booklet and Applications

  • Single-Family Dock Application Packet (1.6 MB) (The official Guideline Booklet).
  • Multi-Family (Private Marina) Dock Application Packet (25 KB)
    • It is highly recommended that you also download and review the guidelines and standards in the Single Family Dock Application Packet as all of them apply, other than the shoreline frontage calculation used to determine the number of boat and PWC stalls that can be allotted for a Private Marina.
    • Some Multi-family permits can be reviewed and issued in-house (may take 9 – 18 months or more).
      • In-kind replacements may fall under this level of approval.
      • Developments with 10 or less watercraft mooring locations permitted to them.
      • Transferring an existing permit from one entity to another where no modifications have occurred or are being requested.
    • Nearly all others are required to be conditionally approved by Entergy Shoreline and then sent out for external agency review and for FERC review and approval prior to being issued by Entergy Shoreline. This is a long (could be up to 2-3 year) process and the application submittal requires both Entergy’s application and a FERC submittal report/document to be completed.
  • Commercial Application Packets are not available online and are required to be requested directly from Entergy Shoreline Management at
    • This is a long (could be up to 2-3 year) process to gain approval and the application submittal requires both Entergy’s application and a FERC submittal report/document to be completed. 
  • Bank Stabilization Boat Ramp Dredge Application Packet (1.6 MB)
    • This is the same booklet as the Single-Family Dock Application Packet – we have combined them for your convenience.
    • There is no distinction between Single Family, Multi-family or Commercial shoreline activity permits. They all use this same form and guidelines.
  • Geothermal Application Packet 2010 (1 MB) 

If the Federal Project Boundary extends above the natural shoreline or if Entergy owns the land between your deeded property and the natural shoreline/Federal project Boundary you will need to submit one of the following permit requests for any activity in these areas prior to construction.

Permit Transfer Information

All the information to complete your application can be found on one of the links above. If you desire to make an application and have trouble printing the forms or if you have any questions, please contact Entergy Shoreline at or call 501-844-2148 for assistance. 

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print these profiles. Acrobat Reader is a free Plug-In available from the Adobe site.