Investment Recovery Services manages the disposal of Entergy-owned obsolete or surplus equipment. Our services encompass all aspects of the sales process, including:  

  • contract negotiation,
  • vendor selection,
  • value assessment, and
  • payment processing.  

Our goal is to provide a customer-friendly experience while maximizing profits for the company.  For more information, please see our overview of Investment Recovery’s services.

Equipment, vehicles, and scrap are sold through several external, contracted partners, including:

  • A-Line TDS (Transformers)
  • EMR (Scrap)
  • General Recycling (Scrap)
  • Green Industries (Equipment)
  • Ritchie Brothers  (Equipment, vehicles, misc.)
  • Dealer's Auto Auction (Vehicles)
  • ADESA (Vehicles)
  • J. J. Kane (Vehicles)
  • Equify (Vehicles) 
  • TRG (Scrap)

Entergy Contacts:

Investment Recovery

Justin McCabe, Program Manager
(936) 404-2259

Christopher “Wyatt” Davis, Investment Recovery Specialist – Nuclear Northeast
(914) 254-8056

Luanne Neeb, Investment Recovery Specialist-Admin
(504) 365-2947