Investment Recovery Services manages the disposal of Entergy-owned obsolete or surplus equipment. Our services encompass all aspects of the sales process, including:  

  • contract negotiation,
  • vendor selection,
  • value assessment, and
  • payment processing.  

Equipment, vehicles, and scrap are sold through several external, contracted partners, including:

  • A-Line TDS (Transformers)
  • EMR (Scrap)
  • General Recycling (Scrap)
  • Green Industries (Equipment)
  • Dealer's Auto Auction (Vehicles)
  • ADESA (Vehicles)
  • J. J. Kane (Vehicles)
  • TRG (Scrap)
  • LA Scrap (Scrap)
  • Commercial Metals (Scrap)
  • Liquidity (General Sales)
  • Aucto (General Sales)

Entergy Contacts:

Investment Recovery

Justin McCabe, Manager, Investment Recovery
(936) 404-2259

Christopher “Wyatt” Davis, Investment Recovery Specialist – Nuclear Northeast
(914) 254-8056

Kenny Favalora, Investment Recovery Specialist-
T&D, Fossil, and all other IR needs