Safety First

The health and safety of the public, the environment, and our employees is our highest priority. Many different aspects work hand in hand to ensure that health and safety is never compromised. We used sophisticated technology to monitor all aspects of the environment in and around the plant, including air quality, soil and water. Our facility is equipped with multiple layers of backup safety equipment. Some of these systems include diesel generators and station batteries, extra pumps to cool our reactor, and multiple physical barriers to protect against fire, flood, and radiation.

Nuclear plant operators receive more on-the-job training than in any other industry. Many of our employees are also fully trained EMTs, firefighters, and first responders.  


US nuclear plants are robust, secure structures built with several layers of security, all designed to protect the public. Access to the plant is restricted to those who have passed an in-depth background check and a lengthy entry and exit search process at our security checkpoints. Inside the plant, access to sensitive areas is even further restricted.

Furthermore, Palisades is monitored around the clock by our well-trained security officers. Sophisticated surveillance equipment, combined with detailed monitoring programs, are also in use to maintain the highest levels of security.