It’s Dangerous and It’s Illegal


Stealing copper from an electric utility company is dangerous – and it’s a crime.

Copper theft carries very dangerous consequences, including serious personal injury, death, explosions, fires and electric outages. Copper theft also puts utility crews and other customers at risk.

Warning signs are posted around electric substations because of the very high voltages used. Contact with high voltages can cause immediate harm, including death. That is why substation entry is restricted to those properly trained to work on high voltage equipment. Unauthorized entry is a crime – so is stealing materials from the substation. Never enter a substation, or touch any electrical equipment, power lines, or anything that may be touching a power line.

We ask our customers to help us by reporting any suspicious activity at our substations or other facilities to the nearest law enforcement agency and to the company at 1-800-368-3749 (1-800-ENTERGY).