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Lake and Flow News - Latest Email Message

Update: Flow Release Plans as of April 14, 2014

The Corps has steadily increased the release from Blakely Dam in order to get the level of Lake Ouachita down below elevation 578.10 which is the beginning of the Flood Pool. Currently they are releasing about 6,600 CFS and that flow will be matched by the downstream Carpenter and Remmel Dams. Once the level drops below the flood pool the Corps will reduce the release from Blakely to around 2,000 CFS. It is hard to know at this time when that will be. Then on Monday we are supposed to get another ½ inch or so of rain. So we’ll be adjusting to the inflow from that as well.

In the meantime you may see lake levels rise and fall more than you might typically see in the summer time, but we anticipate that we will remain within the normal operating range.


Flow Release Plans as of April 14, 2014

We had some unexpected heavy rain last night and released a lot of water. Unfortunately we had telecommunications problems and could not get to our email to send out any information on it. We will be affected by this rainfall for the rest of the week.

We are currently releasing about 2400 CFS from Carpenter and Remmel Dams. The Corps is in restriction due to the high downstream river levels and so there is no release from Blakely. We expect that to lift tomorrow. Also Lake Ouachita is expected to rise up into the flood pool. So sometime, probably tomorrow, the Corps will begin releasing from Blakely, probably about 3,000 CFS. We will match that release from Carpenter and Remmel as needed to keep the lake levels stable. This will continue throughout the week and possibly into next week.

DeGray Lake has risen up into its flood pool. The Corps will also begin releasing about 2400 CFS once the downstream river levels fall and the restrictions are lifted. This will continue for several days  until the lake drops down below the flood pool. After that DeGray should release about 2400 CFS from 6 AM to Noon.

There is another rain event coming this weekend. It is not forecasted to contain as much rain as this last one, but it could have an effect on lake levels and releases.


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(You can hear this message recorded at 501-844-2125.)

For more lake and shoreline information, contact: Kimberly Bogart or 501.844.2116.
For more flow release information, contact: Ted Smethers or 501-844-2148.

Real time lake and tributary data is available on the web at contrail.onerain.com use "entergy" as your ID and "guest" as your password.

We mail out a paper copy of “Life on the Lakes” newsletter about three or four times per year. You can also find the latest copy on the Entergy Hydro Operations www.entergy.com/hydro website. If you live on the lake and you are not receiving our newsletter, send an email to Kimberly Bogart with your name and mailing address. You can also tell us if you would prefer to quit getting the paper copy and only receive an electronic version of the newsletter in the future.

Disclaimer: This message was provided as a public service by Entergy Arkansas, Inc. There is no guarantee that actual releases or lake level projections will occur as described. We do our best to plan our operations and to accurately communicate those plans, however system conditions are subject to change at a moment's notice and we may not always be available to communicate those changes in a timely fashion.