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Lake and Flow News - Latest Email Message

Flow Release Plans as of Feb. 23, 2017

There are no planned releases from Blakely, Carpenter and Remmel until the lake refill in March. Blakely is releasing about 500 CFS from the flood tunnel, Carpenter and Remmel will release 3600 CFS for a few hours every day as needed to maintain the level of the lakes.

DeGray will be releasing minimum flow daily of about 150 CFS, this may increase slightly on Monday.

The lakes will begin to refill on March 3 and will be completed by March 13.  Lake Catherine will have a target elevation of 304.25’ and will fluctuate between 304.00’ and 304.50’ until May 15 after which it will expand to between 303’ and 305’.  The tighter March-May band is to support fish spawning.  Lake Hamilton will return to its normal summertime level with a target elevation of 399.70’ and will fluctuate between 398.9’ and 399.9’. 

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(You can hear this message recorded at 501-844-2125.)

For more lake and shoreline information, contact: Kimberly Bogart or 501.844.2116.
For more flow release information, contact: Ted Smethers or 501-844-2125.

We draft two to three editions of the “Life on the Lakes” newsletter and all editions are available through our website, but we currently only mail out the Summer Edition typically in May of each year. You can find the latest copy on the Entergy Hydro Operations entergy.com/hydro website. If you live on the lake and are not receiving our newsletter, send an email to Kimberly Bogart with your name and mailing address.

Disclaimer: This message was provided as a public service by Entergy Arkansas, Inc. There is no guarantee that actual releases or lake level projections will occur as described. We do our best to plan our operations and to accurately communicate those plans, however system conditions are subject to change at a moment's notice and we may not always be available to communicate those changes in a timely fashion.