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Environment 2020
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Environmental Leadership

Entergy exists to operate a world-class energy business that creates sustainable value for our owners, customers, employees and communities. Through environmental leadership and performance, we support that mission by operating our business safely and responsibly.

Entergy is keeping an eye on the future by mapping a responsible, informed and judicious course to environmental sustainability.

A Clear Commitment and
Comprehensive Strategy


Entergy's board of directors articulated a commitment to the environment in 2002 with the adoption of Entergy's Environmental Vision Statement, which sets expectations in areas of sustainable development, performance excellence and environmental advocacy.

Environmental Footprint Adapting to a Changing World Compliance Leadership Energy Efficiency Clean Generation Stakeholder Engagement


Nature Conservancy / Entergy Cache River, Arkansas restoration project.

09/23/14 – Entergy Corporation Recognized by CDP as S&P 500 Leader for Corporate Action on Climate Change
07/28/14 – Entergy Foundation Targets Education, Environmental Programs and Poverty Solutions
05/28/14 – New Report Shows Decline in Carbon Dioxide and Other Pollutants from U.S. Power Plants, but State and Power Company Emissions Vary Widely
04/30/14 – Entergy Corporation One of America's 100 Best Corporate Citizens
04/25/14 – Tree-Trimming Earns Entergy Corporation Honors from Arbor Day Foundation
Environmental News From Entergy Protecting our Gulf Coast Communities:

> Arkansas
> New Orleans
> Texas

Environment2020 provides further direction and improvement over the next 10 years, as outlined in our Integrated Report.

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