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Entergy Charitable Foundation Grant Guidelines and Application

Before applying for an Entergy Charitable Foundation Grant, please read the following guidelines and instructions.

The goal of the Entergy Charitable Foundation (ECF) is to support initiatives that help create and sustain thriving communities. ECF has a special focus on low-income initiatives as well as educational and literacy programs.

In considering requests for grants, priority is placed on programs in specific counties/parishes. Please check the following links to determine if your project is located in an area where Entergy has operations: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and Texas. If you have questions about this, please contact the Entergy contributions coordinator in your state.

Entergy Arkansas Susan Dalton 501-377-5901
Entergy Louisiana (excluding New Orleans) Melissa Wild 225-382-4280
Entergy Mississippi Valarie Mabry 601-969-4825
Entergy New Orleans Kim Mitchell 504-670-3643
Entergy Texas Debi Derrick 409-981-3789
Entergy Nuclear (North) Deborah Fay 914-272-3320
Entergy Nuclear (South) Donicia Thompson 601-368-5656
Entergy Corporation Christine Jordan or
Jennifer Quezergue  
Massachusetts Patrick O’Brien 508-830-8200
Michigan Nick Culp 269-764-2226
New York Andrea Blizard 914-254-7081

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Google Chrome internet browser is not compatible with Entergy’s grants system.  To save and submit your application successfully, you should use Internet Explorer (versions 7 and above) or Firefox with Silverlight.

Application Process
Applications for the Foundation generally are reviewed twice a year. Each applicant must complete and submit an online application form. We strongly suggest that when filling out the application you take advantage of the option to create a personal account so that you can save your application and edit it, if necessary, prior to submission. If you have already started an application, saved it and created an account, please click here to access your application.


  • Due to changes in tax reporting requirements, all organizations must submit their most current W-9 form with the application. You can access a blank W-9 form at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf?portlet=103.
  • State and organizational documents are not accepted for verification of eligibility. Only current documents from the Internal Revenue Service are accepted.

The Foundation staff reviews and evaluates requests before they are presented to the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Board does not entertain oral presentations from applicants. Applications are approved or denied based on application criteria and the Foundation’s available resources.

Applications must be submitted by the following deadlines: February 1st and August 1st. Applications should NOT be submitted more than one month prior to the deadline (i.e., for the August 1st deadline, July 1st is the earliest date applications are accepted).

Please make sure to submit your application at least three months prior to the time the requested funds are needed. We receive many applications throughout the year, and we need to allow sufficient time to review each request carefully. Once you have submitted your application online, please allow at least three months after the deadline date (see above) for notification of the result of your request. If by that time Entergy has not contacted you, please feel free to call the appropriate contributions coordinator for your geographic area. (See above list.)

Low-Income Initiatives & Solutions
The Foundation seeks programs that provide for innovative and measurable ways to positively impact families and their ability to support those most vulnerable, the children and the elderly. Such programs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustaining families and self-sufficiency
  • Technical assistance and training for non-profits
  • Housing
  • Home-ownership preparation
  • Energy management and awareness
  • Innovative use and promotion of alternative sources of energy

Education & Literacy
When people are geared with knowledge, they become more effective within their communities. Educated, critically thinking citizens make the community as a whole more powerful. One of the key issues in combating poverty is eliminating illiteracy. Thriving communities depend on self-sufficient, productive citizens. At Entergy, we believe that an essential element to healthy, thriving communities is creating an environment where every individual has basic reading and writing skills.

Eligibility and Preferences

Grants from the Foundation will only be made to the following types of organizations: 

  • a state or local government, but only if a donation thereto is made exclusively for public purposes
  • a public charity or private foundation that qualifies as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity
  • a school, hospital, governmental unit or religious institution that holds nonprofit status similar to that of 501(c)(3) organizations
  • a war-veterans organization that qualifies as a 501(c)(19) tax-exempt entity
  • a volunteer fire department that qualifies as a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt entity

The Foundation will NOT fund:

  • Groups without 501(c)(3) or similar nonprofit status
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Capital project funding (i.e., building campaigns)
  • Political candidates or groups
  • Gala events, testimonials or fundraising meals, advertisements in programs or similar fundraising activities
  • Purchase of uniforms, equipment, or trips for school-related organizations or amateur sports teams
  • Activities whose sole purpose is promotion or support of a specific religion, denomination, or religious institution
  • Grants to individuals or loans of any type
  • Any organization owned or operated by an employee of Entergy

For more information please call 504-576-6980.