Creating sustainable value through corporate citizenship

Entergy’s mission is to create sustainable value for our stakeholders — customers, employees, communities and owners.

We aspire to contribute to a society that is healthy, educated and productive — where none of our customers live in poverty, and the environment poses no threat to future generations.

Program Overview

Entergy sets sustainability goals and tracks our performance. Click on the links below to learn more:

Entergy UNSDG CSR Commitments
2021 – 2025

Entergy UNSDG CSR Results and Outcome Report 2015 – 2020

We can only be as successful as the communities we serve. To that end, sustainability requires that our Corporate Social Responsibility strategies address both business and social impacts. Entergy embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has identified primary impact areas that align with our CSR business plan and strategies. 

We Support Sustainable Development

Entergy’s Corporate Social Responsibility organization creates sustainable value for our stakeholders through philanthropy, volunteerism and advocacy strategies that deliver positive social and business impacts. Our philanthropic focus areas are aligned with this objective in mind:

  • Education and workforce development
  • Poverty solutions
  • Environmental programs

Within each of these focus areas, we select key initiatives for philanthropic and volunteer support and have a long-term vision for each initiative that guides philanthropic and volunteer investments. Our Corporate Social Responsibility business incorporates three-to-five-year targets for each initiative, and we report on our progress toward those targets annually.

Entergy maps our CSR strategies to the Sustainable Development Goals that are most closely related to our mission and strategic pillars, as detailed here. We identify how SDGs align with our philanthropic focus areas, how achieving these goals creates sustainable value for our stakeholders, and the business and social impacts resulting from our CSR initiatives.