Maintaining affordability

Investing in a bright future

Entergy Texas filed a rate proposal with the Public Utility Commission of Texas on July 1, 2022.

The proposal outlines investments the company has made and will continue to make to improve service to customers and increase grid reliability and resiliency while maintaining affordable rates

Since 2018, Entergy Texas has invested over $2.3 billion in capital additions to modernize its infrastructure and improve reliability to customers. This includes the construction of the state-of-the-art Montgomery County Power Station, which achieved commercial operation ahead of schedule in January 2021 and provides 993 megawatts of clean, affordable and efficient electricity to over 184,000 homes. The plant supplied essential generation to Southeast Texas during Winter Storm Uri. Additionally, the company’s proposal includes the following investments and proposed customer offerings:

  • Supporting growth with added generation. In addition to the Montgomery County Power Station, the company acquired the Hardin County Peaking Facility in 2020, adding 151 megawatts of peaking and reserve capacity to the company’s energy mix. These facilities increase reliability and fuel savings for customers and ensure the company has the generation necessary to meet customer needs.
  • Investing in grid resiliency and reliability. Since 2018, Entergy Texas has invested over $1.7 billion to expand and upgrade the company’s transmission and distribution systems. These investments helped improve reliability to customers and support a growing region. 
  • Providing a sustainable future. As part of the company’s commitment to helping its customers and communities meet their sustainability goals, Entergy Texas proposes two new voluntary customer programs that, respectively, offer access to utility-scale renewable resources in the company’s generation fleet and promote the adoption of electric-powered infrastructure, such as electric vehicle charging stations and Shore Power, in the company’s service territory. 

The proposal filed by Entergy Texas proposes a 9.48% increase for a residential customer utilizing 1,000 kWh per month. Even with the increase, the company maintains residential rates below the national average.