1. Why did Entergy redesign the bill? 

We listened to our customers and incorporated feedback by providing a bill that is easier to understand, adding color to make different elements of the bill stand out. 

2. Where can I find more information to help me understand my bill?

You can visit www.entergy.com/bill and select your utility company.

3. What are terms & definitions? 

This section of your bill is where we have defined each of the line items on your bill. They are color coded and align with the “Current Charges” section to the left. Not all line items will be present on your bill. For a full list of terms & definitions, you can visit www.entergy.com/bill, select your utility company, and scroll to the bottom of the page. 

4. What does the weather information mean on my bill?

This enhancement provides information on how the temperature of your last billing period compared with your current billing period. This may provide insight if your bill was higher or lower than expected. 

5. I have a deferred payment arrangement on my account, where can I find what I owe? 

This information is now provided on the back page of your bill near the Total Amount Due section. 

6. I noticed there are new payment options on my bill, how can I find out more information about these? 

You can visit www.myentergy.com. Payment Options are provided at the bottom.

7. What is the colorful circle graphic on my bill? 

This is a color-coded breakdown of your charges with an explanation of each item on the back of your bill. 

8. How can I tell if my meter reading was estimated?

There will be a red box indicating this in the “Meter Reading” section on the back page. 

9. I am a new customer. I received my first bill and noticed that I do not have a message regarding weather data. Why is that? 

If you are a new customer, your first bill will not include weather data because there is no previous bill to compare to your current bill. You should see this information on your following month’s bill.