Reliable Power

Investing in the power grid. Investing in our future.

The future of Louisiana depends on efficient, reliable energy infrastructure. We're investing more than $4 billion through 2022 to modernize and strengthen Louisiana's infrastructure to enhance reliability and meet the growing needs of our residents and businesses for years to come.

We also have a proactive maintenance plan that we work through each year. Part of that plan includes looking at outage statistics and working to improve parts of the electrical grid that may have experienced multiple outages.

We also use infrared cameras to inspect power lines and look for “hotspots” and other areas that might be likely to fail so that we can perform preventive maintenance.

We regularly inspect our utility poles and replace them when necessary.

And since trees and other vegetation are one of the leading causes of power outages, we have a vegetation management program that takes a systematic approach to trim trees throughout our service area.

Other proactive maintenance work that we do includes installing new wire, adding lightning protection to our equipment and adding equipment to deter animals, another surprising cause of outages. It’s all part of our efforts to provide you with reliable service.

Advanced meters. Smarter future.

We are paving the way for a smarter energy future for our customers by deploying modern grid technologies that offer a range of benefits to customers. And it starts with advanced meters, which were installed on homes and businesses throughout Louisiana beginning in early 2019 and completed in 2021.

Advanced meters allow two-way communication between Entergy Louisiana and our customers. With advanced meters, customers will get more tools and better information to help understand and manage their energy use, which could lead to lower bills. We'll be able to identify outages more accurately, so crews can make repairs and restore electricity faster. Having near real-time information on energy usage also helps us answer billing and service questions more efficiently and accurately.

Upgrading to advanced metering in Louisiana offers our customers the following important benefits:

  • More accurate outage information to help restore power faster.
  • More detailed usage information to help customers better understand and manage their energy use.
  • Improved customer service through expanded energy use data that will help resolve billing issues more effectively.

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