Just in time for back to school, Entergy announces $600,000 in contributions to support education in the Greater New Orleans area.

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Organizations receiving grants include:


Removing Barriers to Learning is more than ABCs. Sometimes it is E

An innovative program, funded in part by Entergy Corporation, is helping level the playing field in the area of education for at-risk children from high-poverty communities. The program does not start by teaching the ABCs, however. It starts with the letter E as in the first letter on an eye chart--because children cant learn well when they cant see well. And they cant learn well if they cant hear well or have undiagnosed and untreated chronic health conditions, mental health or behavioral problems. 

Early Childhood Education

Entergy supports high quality early childhood education for all children, but particularly for children from low income families. Statistics show that children from low income families often lag their peers in school readiness, putting them at a disadvantage from day one. Investments in early childhood education can close the gap by making sure children are equipped and ready for kindergarten. Research shows that every $1 spent on high quality early childhood education returns $9 in benefits to society.

Entergy has worked aggressively to fund and support early childhood education philanthropically and through advocacy. We have collaborated with the Southern Education Foundation, Arkansas Chamber of Commerce, the Louisiana Coalition for Pre-K for All, United Way, Mississippi Building Blocks and other partners to increase state funding for pre-K in Arkansas and Louisiana by $185 million. As a result, approximately 60,000 children from low income families now have access to high quality early childhood education.

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