Entergy is working with a number of industry partners to define the role hydrogen will play with Orange County Advanced Power Station.

In addition to meeting current customer needs across Southeast Texas, the Orange County Advanced Power Station will be built with a focus on long-term sustainability in an economy where many stakeholders and customers are focused increasingly on decarbonization.

The plant’s ability to be powered by hydrogen, which emits no carbon dioxide, supports its long-term viability for customers and the Southeast Texas community. Hydrogen is widely used today in industrial processes, including by a number of Entergy Texas’s large industrial customers.

The fuel can be stored nearby in facilities, such as in Entergy Texas’ Spindletop storage facility, and can be deployed alongside natural gas to produce lower emissions energy reliably when needed, including working in hours when intermittent renewable resources do not generate power. 

Southeast Texas is well positioned to play a key role in the transition to increased hydrogen development, as we are in the heart of hydrogen producers, pipeline, storage and industrial users.