On an emissions-per-megawatt-produced basis, Entergy is one of the cleanest utilities in the U.S. Direct carbon dioxide emissions from Entergy's power plants are measured by continuous emissions monitors and are reported and verified in accordance with detailed federal quality assurance regulations and international standards. Entergy strives to continually lower its emissions profile from the electric generating fleet through nuclear improvements and gas turbine power development strategies. 

In the latest comprehensive analysis of U.S. power plant emissions from the 100 largest electric power producers, Entergy is the sixth-largest producer of electricity and ranks fifth in the production of zero-emitting energy. Entergy’s CO2 emission rate is the fourth lowest among the top 20 privately owned and investor-owned power producers.  

Through 2018, our cumulative CO2 emissions were approximately 8 percent below our target. We expect that our planned investments in portfolio transformation and grid modernization will continue to increase our overall environmental efficiency. For example: 

  • Highly efficient combined-cycle power stations such as St. Charles Power Station, Lake Charles Power Station and Montgomery County Power Station will produce significantly fewer carbon emissions per MWh than the facilities they replace.
  • Nuclear generation is also an important source of clean, reliable baseload power for our utility customers. Prudently investing to preserve these valuable, virtually non-emitting resources for our stakeholders is an important part of our strategy to deliver sustainable value.
  • Our planned investments in new technologies to modernize our grid, such as advanced meters, will further improve efficiency, reliability and energy conservation.
  • We are actively working to develop and incorporate cost-effective opportunities to expand our use of renewables, including both utility-scale and distributed energy resources. These will allow us to further reduce emissions as the economics, performance and reliability of these resources continue to improve. 

As a continuation of Entergy’s two decades of analysis, engagement and disclosure on climate change risks and opportunities, we published “Climate Scenario Analysis and Evaluation of Risks and Opportunities.” Our report explains how customer and sector partnerships focused on beneficial electrification efforts can result in economy-wide carbon emission reductions, especially as Entergy’s already low carbon emission intensity continues to decrease through portfolio transformation.

These are just a few of the many investments and commitments we are making today to ensure our electric generating and delivery system is well-positioned for operations in a carbon-constrained economy.

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