Entergy has a strong and long-standing commitment to the economic development of the communities it serves. One way the company honors this commitment is to aggressively work with its prime suppliers implementing a strong Prime Supplier Second-Tier Initiative. This initiative was developed and designed to assist prime suppliers in the development of effective diverse supplier (subcontracting) initiatives and to track mandatory reporting. As a prime supplier, your company’s cooperation in this project is essential.


The primary purpose of Entergy’s Second-Tier Initiative is to maximize opportunities for diverse suppliers through prime suppliers, to participate as providers of products and services to various Entergy business units. It is a supplement and not a replacement for existing efforts aimed at increasing meaningful opportunities for diverse suppliers to participate as first-tier providers.


How to Begin the Process

A Supplier Diversity representative will take it from here! Prime Contractors will often contact the Supplier Diversity team for referrals and by registering; you will be referred for potential opportunities.  NOTE:  You may be required to also register directly with the prime contractor.

Prime Contractors:

How can Entergy’s Supplier Diversity Team assist you?

Whether you have a veteran supplier diversity program or you are building your program, Entergy’s supplier diversity team can help. The supplier diversity team works closely with partnering agencies to identify diverse suppliers that provide a wide variety of products and services. The supplier diversity team also works with prime suppliers to provide diverse supplier referrals.  Furthermore, the team assists prime suppliers working with Entergy in drafting and developing the subcontracting plan. In addition to these services, the team distributes quarterly communications to prime suppliers informing them of upcoming events and additionally shares best practices in supplier diversity.  If you as seeking referrals for a specific Entergy project, please Contact the Supplier Diversity team for assistance.

Second Tier Reports

We seek to make the reporting process as easy as possible.  Second-Tier Spend Reports should be submitted to Entergy on a quarterly basis and are due 30 days after the quarter ends. Should you have any questions regarding Entergy’s Second-Tier Program, please contact Rivers Frederick, Supplier Diversity Specialist at Rfreder@entergy.com or by telephone at 504-576-4924.

Click here for the Second-Tier Tutorial (pdf).