Key metrics help us track, measure and drive procurement and supply chain sustainability performance across our industry and others. For more information about Entergy's performance, please see our Performance Data Table.

ESG assessment dashboard

2023 Assessment dashboard

  • One strategic program to help drive this progress is engaging our suppliers in an annual environmental, social and governance, or ESG, assessment to determine where suppliers are on their journey and where we can collaborate to foster and drive our collective ESG goals.
  • In 2023, suppliers who completed our annual ESG assessment accounted for 50% of our annual total managed spend. Of the 104 suppliers that completed an assessment, 11 were third party certified diverse accounting for over $250 million of annual spend and 37 were local accounting for $380 million of annual spend. More than 55% of suppliers that responded are publicly reporting greenhouse gas emissions data and 60% have subsequent emissions reduction targets.

Industry awards and recognitions

  • Entergy recognized for advancing ESG across its supply chain teams.
  • In 2023, the Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance recognized Entergy with two case study awards:
    • ESG Training Roadmap
      • Entergy’s supplier diversity, development and sustainability team has a robust training roadmap for our employees and supplier base which meets every stakeholder where they are and empowers to them to grow as it relates to their familiarity with sustainability and sustainability reporting.  
      • With many stakeholders unaware of sustainability and the role they play in driving it, our first step is to build a solid foundation of understating. These trainings and resources provide employees and suppliers the information, tools and resources they need to drive ESG impact and results.
    • Premier Supplier Award Program
      • Entergy procurement and supply chain launched its first supplier recognition program in 2021 – the Premier Supplier Award Program. In 2022, we renewed the program’s focus on highlighting diverse and local suppliers and those with a focus on sustainability.
      • We also are focused on ensuring that diverse and local suppliers are part of the roadmap as Entergy pursues a just transition to cleaner energy. As part of our supply chain ESG program, we employ a multi-faceted approach combining supplier diversity and supply chain sustainability in supplier relationship management, supplier awards and recognition and governance.