Entergy has certain responsibilities that go along with controlling the waters of Lakes Hamilton and Catherine, but the hydro operations group has typically gone well above and beyond what's required. Working with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission's fish habitat programs is one of several ways Entergy serves as a good steward of Arkansas' natural resources. Entergy is doing the following, among several other actions, to help stock fish into the State’s lakes and rivers: as

  • We donated the land for the Andrew Hulsey Fish Hatchery on Lake Hamilton
  • We coordinate the release of water below Carpenter Dam to facilitate the AGFC's fish population monitoring activities
  • We control water levels in both lakes to facilitate fish reproduction during the spring spawning period.
  • We commit to a continuous flow of water from Remmel Dam to improve the fish habitat in the Ouachita River
  • We limit lake bottom dredging to protect fish spawning habitat
  • We require new construction facilities in areas identified as Fish Spawning and Nursery habitat areas to be of a fixed construction rather than a floating one to provide additional fish habitat areas
  • We only allow bio-engineering or rip rap for bank stabilization in areas identified as Fish Spawning and Nursery habitat as opposed to seawalls
  • We require rip rap to be placed at the base of all new seawall construction to increase fish habitat areas