At Entergy, we are always working to improve the reliability of your service. We strive to bring the most dependable product possible to our 3 million customers across four states.

Proactive Inspections and Maintenance. We have a proactive maintenance plan that we work through each year. Part of that plan includes looking at outage statistics and working to improve parts of the electrical grid that may have experienced multiple outages. We also use infrared cameras and drones to inspect power lines and look for "hotspots" and other areas that might be likely to fail so that we can perform preventive maintenance. We annually inspect our utility poles and replace damaged or broken poles when necessary.

And since trees and other vegetation are one of the leading causes of power outages, we have a yearly vegetation management program that trims trees throughout the region. Other proactive maintenance work that we do includes installing new wires, adding lightning protection to our equipment and adding equipment to deter animals, another surprising cause of outages.

Modernizing How We Serve Customers. We are taking a data-driven approach to identify where to make improvements that will yield big benefits for customers. As we identify areas to upgrade equipment, we are replacing outdated equipment and replacing it with more reliable and modern infrastructure.

  • Replacing underground cable. Throughout this year, Entergy will be replacing underground cable and replacing with newer equipment.
  • Installing new switching cabinets and infrastructure to help limit the number of customers affected by outages.
  • Adding smart technology such as distribution automation and self-healing networks to reduce the number and duration of outages.

Planning Infrastructure for Tomorrow. It is not just replacing existing equipment. Our plan includes making forward-looking, proactive investment to ensure our region is ready for the future. This includes construction of additional lines to provide redundancy, increased capacity to meet future growth, and enabling operational flexibility of our system.

It's all part of our efforts to provide you with the most reliable service possible.