Entergy provides the following Lake and Flow information services:

The Hydro Operations Information Phone Message System provides 24/7 access to information on the timing and volume of planned dam flow releases and is typically updated weekly. If you need to leave a message or speak to someone please call our regular office number (501-844-2148) between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Thursday.


Entergy Hydro Operations Information Phone Message System



Email Updates

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You can subscribe to email updates on information such as water release plans for Remmel and Carpenter Dams; shoreline management, lake levels, dock permitting, safety, etc.

Weekly Flow Release Plan: As a public service to the recreational users of Lakes Hamilton and Catherine and the Ouachita River below Remmel Dam, Entergy Hydro Operations periodically issues informational e-mails on lake and river matters. In addition to general information, these e-mails will also provide general guidance on when we plan to release water from the dams, which affects both the levels of the river below the dams and, to a lesser extent, the levels of the lakes. It can be useful in planning recreational outings for fishing and floating downstream. This e-mail is typically issued once each week or more often if conditions change (less often if conditions have not changed). Please note that water release information in this e-mail is only our current plan. Actual water releases may change without notice to meet various system demands or emergencies.

Lake and Shoreline Permitting Information: Entergy Hydro Operations will send emails to more quickly communicate matters regarding shoreline permitting and general lake information, similar in content to what is found in the Life on the Lakes newsletter. We will be able to quickly communicate information like lake drawdown information, emergent changes in lake levels due to threatening weather, changes in dock permitting requirements, warnings of heavy debris in the lakes, upcoming events on the lakes, etc. These emails could be especially useful to lakefront property owners, boaters, and other users of lakes Hamilton or Catherine. These emails will be issued approximately once a month, or as needed to communicate emergent information.


Real-Time Lake Level Data Web Page (OneRain, Inc.)

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Special Release Request Process

Entergy has agreed to provide up to four days per year of special full–generation releases from Remmel Dam for swift-water rescue training and other educational and organization type events. These releases can be up to six hours each. To allocate these days among the various groups, who might request one of these special releases, Entergy has developed the following process. Failure to follow this process could result in the denial of your request.

  • Any individual or group who desires to request a special release from Entergy must register before January 1st of the current year.
  • Registration must be by e-mail and all correspondence will occur by e-mail.
  • Failure to register by the deadline could result in your request not being considered.
  • Only special requests from a registered organization or individual will be considered using the following process:
    • Special Requests must be e-mailed to Ted Smethers at tsmethe@entergy.com.
    • Upon receipt of a Special Request, Ted will forward the e-mail request to all registered potential requestors for comment.
    • Registered requestors will have one week to reply with their comments. To the extent possible comments should include the reasons for or against the requested date and any suggested changes.
  • Entergy will review all responses and look for common ground and attempt to achieve consensus.
  • Entergy will make the final decision approving or denying the special request based upon the numerous factors, including:
    • Past History of Special Release Requests with accompanied successful events and satisfactory working relationship with Entergy;
    • The past demonstrated stewardship of the river;
    • Number of people that the event will serve;
    • Demonstrated potential for the requested Special Release to provide the most benefit for the most people.
    • Type of organization and purpose of the event: Public service, commercial, social, etc. (i.e., who will benefit from the release)
  • If Entergy’s normal operations for the requested date provides the requested flow in the manner requested (in other words, we were releasing anyway) then the special release request will not be counted against the four days of annual allocation.
  • Once the four agreed-to days are either used or allocated, Entergy may consider additional requests, but may deny any or all of them.

Registration Information:

Persons desiring to be registered for special release dates must send the following information in an e-mail to Ted Smethers at tsmethe@entergy.com.

  • Name
  • Name of Organization you represent (if applicable) and position with that organization.
  • E-mail address
  • Mailing address and telephone number

Statement of intent to register for special release requests.


Other Lake Information: