A cornerstone of Entergy's culture is respect - respect for every individual regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion or any other cultural factor. Entergy is committed to diversity, and it is exemplified in the workforce - employees and contractors. 

We hire professional tree-trimming contractors. They are trained in Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations, the latest arboricultural techniques, and safety procedures. We are committed to pruning your trees professionally to maintain their health and improve reliable electric service.

Some of the workers employed by our contractors do not speak English.  However, to ensure customers and tree trimmers can communicate with one another when necessary, each tree-trimming crew is required to include at least one English-speaking worker.

Door hangers

When Entergy or Entergy contractors perform work in a customer’s absence, a door hanger will be left if prior arrangements have not been made.

Need some free wood chips? 

Our tree trimming contractors will often have wood chips available for free. These chips are from various tree species, are irregular in size, shape, and color, and may include small twigs and rakings.

They are made available to our customers and can be delivered upon request when tree crews are in your area. For more information you can stop and ask a tree trimming crew working in your area, or call us at 1-800-ENTERGY (1-800-368-3749).