Entergy’s transmission lines, which operate at voltages from 69kV to 500kV, provide reliable bulk power service to retail, commercial and industrial customers.

Trained transmission line and vegetation right-of-way personnel inspect these lines at scheduled intervals.

These inspections identify all encroachments, including trees, buildings, antennas and other structures that represent a risk to reliable operation. The company then mitigates those threats to the system as appropriate.

Entergy’s contractors remove identified encroachments following the provisions established and recorded in right-of-way easements. These permits and servitudes grant Entergy the right to maintain, clear and keep clear a specified right-of-way width along its transmission lines.

Entergy’s compliance obligation

Entergy is required by multiple regulatory agencies to comply with clearance requirements, which vary depending on voltage. Entergy is subject to significant fines and penalties if service or operation is affected by trees growing on or within established rights-of-way or if encroachments are not removed in a timely manner.

This obligation includes maintaining proper clearances in residential, rural and industrial areas.

Proper Right-of-Way management supports reliability

We work at maintaining transmission line rights-of-way not just to stay in compliance with required standards, but also because we know that vegetation encroaching on a transmission line might mean our customers’ lights might go out.

Everything we do is aimed at ensuring continued reliable service to our customers.