Restoration Times for Louisiana,
including Hardest Hit Areas

All customers who can safely accept power following Hurricane Ida outside of those hardest-hit areas have been restored. If you are still without power, please check the equipment going to your house and call a licensed electrician to make repairs if necessary. Once repairs have been made, call 1-800-ENTERGY (1-800-368-3749) to have your services reconnected. 

For customers on waterways, please see below for your estimated restoration times:

Water Route Customers



Estimated Restoration Date

St. James

Blind River


St. Charles

Bayou Gauche Camps



Please note that these restoration dates represent the vast majority of customers who can safely accept power and a few customers in the most affected areas could still be without power for longer. These estimates are subject to change as we continue with restoration work, and we will issue updates as we learn more. 

Please note, dates are by end of day for restoration.