As a result of Hurricane Ida’s catastrophic intensity, several major transmission lines that deliver power into southeast Louisiana and the New Orleans area are currently out of service. 

Because our transmission system spans land, water and marsh, in many cases special equipment will be used as we begin to inspect, repair and replace the steel, concrete and tensioned wires that are the foundation for our structures. 

The transmission system plays a critical role in delivering power from the power plant to the lines serving customers’ neighborhoods. The damage from Hurricane Ida has eliminated much of the redundancy built into the transmission system, which makes it difficult to move power around the region to customers. These conditions, along with increasing demand due to higher temperatures, can result in an imbalance of supply and demand for electricity. 

While these transmission structures are being repaired, engineering and operations groups in Entergy Louisiana are working closely, along with our reliability coordinator MISO, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the electric grid.